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The purpose of this unit shall be to stimulate interest in EL ZARIBAH TEMPLE and to render such services to the Temple as maybe requested from time to time by recognized officers of the body.  It shall be the further purpose of this body to maintain a crew to properly expedite transportation of the Property of EL ZARIBAH TEMPLE.

 Transportation Unit Ready to Parade

Monthly Meeting- Dates & Times
1st Wednesday of the month (February - May and September – December)
2nd Wednesday of January due to stated meeting change
7:00 PM at the Shrine.  Join us for dinner between 5:30 and 6:00 and for a little fellowship

2018 Transportation Unit Officers

President – Phil Houghton P.P.
Vice President – Tom Willet
Secretary – George Mather P.P.
Treasurer – Roger Weber

During 2015, the unit participated in a total of 25 parades, including a night parade in Tempe for Oktoberfest and 5 Christmas Light Parades.

We also participated in 5 static displays including a pre-school transportation day.

If you like to represent your Temple by being in parades and be in front of crowds making kids, young and old, smile, this is the unit for you.  Please contact any member for membership information.