Samsar Process

The El Zaribah Samsar Award

It is each Nobles duty, as stated in the obligation, to replace himself.
The Samsar award recognizes those Nobles who have not only replaced themselves once but many times over. 


  1. INVOLVEMENT IN ACTIVITIES -  (Use Online Participation Form)  (Actual Points Determined by Potentate)

The process has changed for submitting information for samsar points

      1. Send your list of members to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (include member number if you have them)

      2. We will send to you, your Samsar processing form to fill out online.

      3. Once you complete the form, you will press submit button and the data will be sent to us. 
              (You will receive a confirmation message that list several things that you can.)

 2. MEMBERSHIP RELATED ACTIVITIES  (this data is provided by Recorder to the Samsar committee)

Top line signer get 500 points and second line signer gets 250 points for a

1. Petition for initiation and membership

2. Petition for affiliation

3. Petition for associate membership

4. Petition for Restoration

3. LEADERSHIP RELATED ACTIVITIES - (this data is provided by Potentate to the Samsar committee)

The Potentate has the authority to recognize Nobles who through their leadership, support and hard work contribute toward the continual growth and success of our Temple.  The schedule is as follows:

A. El Zaribah Shrine Level

- Major Committee heads (Membership, Pote’s Staff, etc.)       200 points

- Assistants and sub-committee chairmen                        100 points

- Special projects Chairman (Cornfest, Onions Sales, etc.)      200 points

- Assistants and sub-committee chairmen                       100 points

B. Unit and Club Level

- Unit and Club Leader (President or Captain)                          200 points

- Other officers and sub-group leaders (i.e. Band, etc.)       100 points

- Onion sales Chairman (100 bags plus)                                  100 points

- Individual onion sales (50 bags or more)                               100 points


A.    Each Shriner who, within the first year of Shrine membership, joins a unit or club within El Zaribah gets 100 points and the Top line signer for the application gets 100 points. (This is a one time award)
(data provided by unit or club secretary to the Samsar committee.  DO NOT USE PARTICIPATION FORM)

B.   Starting 2008, New Members receive 100 points for joining the Shrine.
(data provided by Recorder)

C.   New nobles who pay their dues the second year prior to the Jan. 1 due date get 100 points.
(data provided by Recorder )

D.   Members upon their 10th, 15th, 20th, and subsequent 5 year anniversary get 250 points each time and a recognition certificate presented at the Shrine stated meeting and named in an article in The Arabian Tales.
(data provided by Recorder)



 Each component is added to the previous level or exchanged for the next level until
a Full Samsar has been awarded when the noble has achieved 5,000 points.

1.    500 points - Basic Samsar

2.    750 points - Red Rainbow Crescent    

3. 1,000 points - Yellow Rainbow Crescent    

4. 1,500 points - Star with Emerald in the center of the star

5. 2,000 points - First Diamond in star point 

6. 2,500 points - Second Diamond in star points

7. 3,000 points - Third Diamond in star points  

8. 3,500 points - Fourth Diamond in star points   

9. 4,000 points - Fifth Diamond in star points    

10. 5,000 points - Large Diamond in center of star (replaces Emerald)


Nobles who are receiving points beyond the 5,000 points required for the FULL SAMSAR
are awarded their points in the form of Camels.  

Existing camels are exchanged for the next higher award

 §1 Copper Camel is awarded for each 200 points above 5000 points. 

§5 Copper Camels = 1 Silver Camel                                         

§5 Silver Camels = 1 Gold Camel