Local Chapter #68 - El Zaribah Shrine

Cabiri Chapter #68 membership is made up of Past Potentates from
El Zaribah Shrine and other Shrine locations that live in the Phoenix area.

Ill. Sir Dave Polner, President
Ill. Sir El Studebaker, Vice President
Ill. Sir Jim Willittes, Secretary

(1896 to present)

who are El Zaribah ASSOCIATES

1985, A. Marshall Austin 
1989, Donald D. Meinershagen 
1992, Richard H. Russell 
1994, Jack M. Garrett 
1998, E.M. “Monty” Fox 
2000, Douglas H. Kurbat 
2001, Leo R. Balthazor 
2002, James L. Willittes
2007, Russell Gunther
2008, David T. Polner
2009, James G. Miller
2010, Philip W. Houghton
2011, Thomas W. Calvin
2012, Hon. J. Hut Hutson
2013, Ed Stolze, Imperial Sir
2014, Gerry Massey
2015, Chris Hagenian
2016, George Mathers

1980, Merrill Putnam, Tangier Temple – Omaha, NE

1985, Russell Hinkle, Saladin Temple – Grand Rapids, MI
1988, William E. Sandvig, Zuhrah Temple – Minneapolis, MN
1991, “Buzz” Pedroni, Aahmes Temple – Livermore, CA
1991, Tom Skoog, Ahmed Temple – Marquette, MI
1993, Elwin O. Studebaker, Kerak Temple – Reno, NV
1994, Keith Smith, Hillah Temple – Medford, OR
1995, Roger Nicholson, Tangier Temple – Omaha, NE
1999, Joe Pendergast, El Bekal Temple – Anaheim, CA
2000, Phil Pederson, Sabbar Temple – Tucson, AZ
2001, Paul Mierhenry, Arab Temple – Topeka, KS
2002, David A. Gutknecht, Tripoli Temple – Milwaukee, WI
2006, Fred Kidston, El Kalah Temple – Salt Lake City, UT
2009, Joel Ozment, Moslem Temple – Detroit, MI
2009, Coy Love, El Bekal – Anaheim, CA
2010, Cecil Hammer, Al Kader Temple – Wilsonville, OR

All Past Potentates from any temple are welcome to attend
and participate in all Chapter meetings and events.

Calendar of 2016 Activities

Wednesday May 18th - Meeting 11:30 AM in Shrine Conference Room  followed by Lunch
Wednesday September 21th Meeting 11:30 AM in Shrine Conference Room  followed by Lunch
Wednesday October 19th - Meeting 11:30 AM in Shrine Conference Room  followed by Lunch
Wednesday November 16th - Meeting 11:30 AM in Shrine Conference Room  followed by Lunch

Friday December 16th Christmas Party/Ladies Night  - 6 PM cocktails 7PM Dinner