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Shrine Membership has 3 parts

The first part of Shrine membership is to become a Mason - To do this a man needs to join a Masonic Lodge. Contact a Shriner and he will help in that process. We have listed below the Masonic Lodges in Arizona and their web sites.

The second part is simply to join the Shrine - A Mason does this by filling out the Shrine membership application and then getting with a Shriner friend to turn it in, or the application can be turned in directly to the Shrine Recorder at his office. His office is located in our building at 552 North 40th street in Phoenix. If you are not sure where that is check our map to the building.

The final part is Fundraising and this is a major part of being a Shriner - First, Shriners raise funds to maintain their group. Secondly, they raise money for their charity, Shriners Hospital for Children. The Hospital web page provides more details on Shrine hospitals. The Unit and Club structure is what the Shrine uses to define small groups for fun and fundraising purposes.
The bottomline - Shriners raise funds so kids can be kids.

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Here is a list of Masonic Lodges in Arizona and their web sites.
List of Masonic Lodges