Although the Greeter unit's takes its stated purpose seriously, we also have a reputation for knowing how to have fun.

We can be seen at many parades in our GREETER Cadillac limousine convertible bantering with the onlookers, or, along with our spouses, enjoying the cool pine country like Pinewood at times during those “hot” summer months. We enjoy travel cruises, steak fries, golf, dinners, dancing and have been known to invent reasons to come together for the purpose of having a good time.


To welcome all nobles to our temple.
to promote new ideas, new members and
new life into the temple.
to provide assistance to the Potentate
whenever requested and
to project a quality image for El Zaribah Shriners.

Want to join the Greeters?

Download the Greeter application, fill it out. Next task is to contact a Greeter and he will take care of you from there.


7PM on the third Monday of each month,
September through May
(normally preceded by a dinner at 6PM 
in the Red Fez Room) 


President - Dennis Keith
Vice President - Howard Goldman
Secretary - Robert Imbrie
Tresurer - Ellis Nichols