The Director's Staff Unit 

DStaff guyIt is our responsibility to have the famous “red coveralls” of the Director’s Staff be a beacon in the new noble’s journey into Shrinedom.  We are privileged enough to be involved with the candidate’s orientation process. We strive to have fun at all working functions that are described as the “Will and Pleasure of the Potentate”.

We participate in Shrine sanctioned parades with our 6-man bike.

In essence, we are truly a working Unit of the Temple and may be considered, by most, as the silent strength of the Shrine.  So, if you are an able bodied man who aspires to have fun while working for Shrinedom we invite you to become a member of our Unit.

Get the Director's Staff Membership application here


We meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month (except for June, July, and August)
Please bring your lady, friends, children,
neighbors, or other family members.


President - Adam Dahlberg
1st Vice President - James "Goose" Hoover
2nd Vice President  - Lenny Williams
Secretary - Kevin Reagan
Treasurer - Lee Fults
Secretary - Scott Mudd 


Construction of New Room November 6, 2010 to January 2011

Fall Ceremonial in
Lake Havasu 2010

Work Party September 2009