(Hunter's Paradise)
was chartered June 24, 1896. 
The BAND Unit was chartered at the same time.  

6 years later on February 14, 1912
ARIZONA became the 48th state in the union. 

  The Purpose

THE BAND UNIT as stated in our BY-LAWS: To furnish instrumental music for the enjoyment of the Nobility and to promote El Zaribah before Masonic Bodies and the public, to further provide members with an opportunity to improve and enjoy their instrumental proficiencies, and to receive those fraternal benefits that accompany active participation in a uniformed Unit of El Zaribah.

Band Officers - 2016

President - Bob Beffel
Vice President - Michael Whitney
Secretary - Mel Linberg
Treasurer - Robert White


 Various Bands within the Band Unit

12 -15 piece dance band specializing in the Big Band sound.

6 -8 piece Jazz and Dixieland band.

8 -10 member wind ensemble performing lively up-tempo music; specializing in Ethnic and Oktoberfest celebrations.

CHANTERS - Small vocal group.

Rehearses each Thursday 7 - 9:00 pm (except the Thursday after the monthly EI Zaribah STATED MEETING) in Band Room at the northeast comer of the Shrine Auditorium

All Nobles are welcome to these rehearsals, regardless of background or proficiency. We'll help you get started if you have the desire.

The BAND UNIT has no membership restrictions. A Noble may belong to another Shrine location, another Club, or another Unit and also be an active member of the El Zaribah Shrine Band.

 How to Contact The Band

Bob Beffel is the President of the BAND UNIT.
To contact him simply call the Shrine Office at 602-231-0300 and leave a message for the BAND UNIT.